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14/48 – the world’s quickest theatre festival is the brainchild of Michael Neff and Jodi-Paul Wooster, who hatched plans for the festival while working at South Lake Union restaurant/gaming nightclub ENTROS. The very first iteration of the festival took place at the Chamber Theatre and the second at Freehold Theatre in Seattle USA. With the third festival (and also the last before moving to a two-weekend format), 14/48 formed what would become a long-term producing partnership with Consolidated Works.

Michael Neff and Jodi-Paul Wooster formed 14/48 on a simple concept: assemble some of the most talented artists in Seattle, give them a stringent deadline and few resources other than their talent and ingenuity, and see where their combined creativity leads them. Three Card Monty was established to see that concept through to the twice-yearly theatrical phenomenon it has become.

As the Festival has developed 14/48 has introduced a partner who help as part of the steering committee to assemble this great festival.

One World Theatre
Founded in 1988, OWT is a multi-disciplinary ensemble combining traditional storytelling technique with innovative performance vocabulary. In addition to producing the festival, OWT has tarveled, train, taught and performed everywhere from small towns in Eastern Washington and Montana to Russia, Australia and many stops in between.

The festival has amazed thousands of people over 12 years and has seen some fantastic developments occur with the introduction of new adaptations of the existing 14:48 format.

The more compelling question is why should you do 14/48 . 14/48 – the world’s quickest theater festival has been at it longer and does it better than anybody else. Their process has been refined under fire year after year (so much so that they are continually raising the stakes with all-men/all-women festival, an outdoor festival, and even 14/48 Kamikaze were are you not only draw themes but are also drawn a role at random. Over the years they have developed an incredible network of support and recognition, with a Seattle Mayor’s Arts Award and a long history of successful producing partnerships.

Please do visit http://www.1448fest.com or www.1worldtheatre.org

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